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We are a company specialising in the distribution of high-quality speciality cheeses and refrigerated gourmet food, with a good standing in the German market. Few other cheese distributors in German have as comprehensive or high-quality a range of cheeses as we offer. This makes us an important provider. 


We obtain our cheese from selected producers who offer modern production facilities, are socially aware and are highly reliable. We have established our market leading position from our new headquarters in Olching, which are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling technology and logistics. We do not simply distribute products for European cheese producers, but also develop new specialities together with them, which are tailored towards German consumers. Our offering encompasses the areas of cheese and gourmet foods for deli counters, fast food counters, self-service counters, food services, private label products for the food retail trade and a coordinated product range for wholesale distribution. 


With a team of skilled employees and well-trained specialists, we have committed ourselves to the highest quality standards for 80 years. Our expertise is based on long-term experience, and our stability on healthy growth. In 2008, cheese distributor Sebastian Heider GmbH & Co. KG merged with specialist retailer of Mediterranean cheese specialities, Beck Käse vom Feinsten GmbH. As the Managing Partner, Peter Steding is leading Heiderbeck into the future and continuing to consolidate the position as the leading specialist distributer of high-quality, European chess specialities and chilled gourmet food.

What we stand for 

Our philosophy centres on the promotion, distribution and maintenance of the cheese cultures typical to each particular country along with the preservation of a culture of fine dining. Regionality, traditional manufacturing techniques, taste and the resulting enjoyment make each product an ambassador of its region. Species-appropriate animal husbandry and traditional artisanal food production form the basis of the regional variety that must be defended. Indulgence and fine eating and drinking are the spice of life. We love cheese and gourmet food! 

Executive Board

Peter Steding

Managing Partner

Peter Steding: Visionary, passionate maverick and driver of business development. After school, he completed his military service as a medic and took a basic airborne course. While still studying business administration at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, he moved to Milan, where he was a marketing assistant at Robert Bosch S.p.A. from 1991 to 1992. In 1993, he worked as an assistant at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung mbH (DGM). After his graduation with a diploma in business studies, he joined Beck Import GmbH as a commercial employee in 1995. In 2000, he assumed the role of manager there and in 2004, he acquired the shares of Sebastian Heider GmbH & Co. KG. In 2008, he oversaw the merger of the companies Beck Import GmbH and Sebastian Heider GmbH & Co KG into Heiderbeck GmbH. He is the Managing Partner, is married and has a son and two daughters. 








Heiderbeck GmbH



Heiderbeck Service GmbH & Co. KG


In August 2015, we moved to our new headquarters in the industrial estate in Olching. The modern cold storage facility has an area of 4,200 square metres with around 4,500 pallet spaces. The latest order-picking techniques, particularly cross-docking order picking, facilitate workflows. The photovoltaic system, with a total capacity of 280,000 kWp, ensures environmentally friendly, low CO2-output production of energy for the energy-efficient cooling system. In addition, the Heiderbeck Warehouse services division was set up for the storage logistics of refrigerated products. The gourmet foods outlet at the Olching headquarters was established in a very short space of time as an attraction for private customers.

Heiderbeck GmbH

Gewerbering 4

82140 Olching, Germany

Telephone +49 8142 44567-0

Fax +49 8142 44567-211

How to find us

Cologne branch

Rolshover Street 45

51105 Cologne, Germany

Telephone +49 221 80266601

Fax +49 221 802 66608

How to find us


Branch Manager: Lothar Heuser



We make donations to support a variety of local organisations. These include Sozialdienst Germering, the Diakonieverein evangelical charitable association, the Bürgerstiftung civic foundation, Caritas and food banks in the area of Olching. We are also particularly pleased to help children.


Chancenwerk e.V.: Chancenwerk gives all schoolchildren the chance to realise their personal potential – without performance pressure or barriers. With its “learning cascades”, Chancenwerk e.V. helps schoolchildren to learn successfully. The association enables them to support their fellow pupils themselves. All proposals are professionally supported and organised. And because the youngsters support each other, money eventually stops being relevant, where educational opportunity is involved. The result: Schoolchildren help each other and significantly improve their school performance and social competence. www.chancenwerk.org


Food banks: The volunteer helpers at the food banks in Olching and the surrounding area, collect surplus, but qualitatively unobjectionable food and distribute it to needy, socially and economically disadvantaged people in order to help them through periods of difficulty. This gives them motivation for the future. For many people in need, the food banks are essential and have become a central part of their lives. This engagement is very close to our hearts.


Kindern eine Chance: The Austrian-based association takes care of disadvantaged children in Uganda. It strives to help as many children as possible to attend school. In Uganda, thousands of children live without support, without the the possibility of going to school – simply with no chance to escape the cycle of poverty, lack of education and hopelessness. Many of them have lost their parents due to AIDS, others have had to leave their family home because there was not enough for everyone to eat. Most of them end up on the street and survive by begging. The children should be given lasting help. This means helping them to help themselves and, above all, education. www.kinderneinechance.at





Thanks to our quality management, we can also guarantee our product safety, such as the freshness and quality of our products. A whole range of instruments is available to us for this purpose. 

  • Rigorous selection of suppliers, continual evaluation of suppliers
  • Maintenance of customer-specific product profiles for all relevant business partners 
  • Systematic handling of complaints 
  • Professional recall management
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively very well-established Quality Assurance department with trained specialists (certified ecotrophologists, state certified food processing technicians, administrators)


A cooperation with external consultants in order to ensure up-to-date expertise at all times: 

  • Membership to the Bundesverband Molkereiprodukte e.V. (Berlin)
  • Cooperation with “Qualität leben”, a consulting agency for all topics regarding food items, particularly food legislation
  • meyer.rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB law firm 
  • Close cooperation with authorities and certification bodies 
  • Assurance of marketability of products according to the current, relevant statutory requirements.



Heiderbeck GmbH

Corinna Filipovic

Diploma in ecotrophology

Head of Department for Quality Management






IFS Broker and IFS Logistics Higher Level

In building the cold storage and logistics warehouse in Olching, the requirements of both the IFS Broker and IFS Logistics key standards were already integrated during the planning phase. After completing certification, we received both certificates. IFS Broker applies to companies that primarily operate as retailers, namely companies that purchase goods and directly deliver these products, but do not necessarily make contact with the goods. IFS Logistics covers all logistical activities, such as transport, storage and sales, as well as loading and unloading of food items.

Download PDF - IFS Logistics

Download PDF - IFS Broker


IMO Control Label

The Institute for Marketecology (IMO) is an internationally active provider of certification and inspection services for ecological products. We received our certification in 2015.

Download PDF - IMO Control





Heiderbeck GmbH won first place in the “Installation energieeffizienter und -suffizienter Kälte- und Klimaanlagen durch kleine Unternehmen” [Installation of energy-efficient and sufficient cooling and air-conditioning systems by small companies] category of the Deutscher Kältepreis 2016 [German Refrigeration Prize 2016]. The award-winning technology: A mainly photovoltaic-powered brine refrigeration system uses the natural refrigerant propane to cool the 4,000 square-meter cold storage facility. In winter, the company premises are heated with the waste heat from the cooling systems.